EDU 6000: Assessment, Learning, and Action Research


In an age of accountability at all levels of our educational structure, it has become vitally important to understand the linkage between assessment, learning, and action research. It is the assumption that learners come into this course with a solid understanding of assessment and the role it plays in teaching and learning. The basics of assessment will be reviewed and linked to a wide range of strategies to improve learning in our Pre-K-16 educational structure. Action research is the tool many educators use as they “repair the plane while it is flight.” The more proactive the leader is in the use of action research the more quickly logical changes can take place.


  1. Describe the scope of action research centered on theory and practice.
  2. Analyze the relationship between student and institutional data.
  3. Evaluate how assessment is impacting instruction in the educational setting.
  4. Analyze how students are meeting district intended outcomes in your own school district.
  5. Demonstrate how data collection can impact the learning models used in classrooms.
  6. Develop an action research plan for an educational setting.


  1. EDU 5102
  2. EDU 5000


Action research: A guide for the teacher researcher (Rev: 5th ed.)

Publisher: Pearson (2014)
Author: Mills, G. E.
ISBN: 9780132887762
Price: $74.49

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