EDU 5500: Becoming a Reflective Practitioner


Provides an overview of reflective practice in an education setting that is anchored in a framework which centers on understanding social responsibility. Learners will demonstrate a clear understanding of the use of self in their professional world as well as their personal life.


  1. Differentiate between description, analysis, and the self-reflection process.
  2. Summarize the main components of the reflective practitioner movement.
  3. Identify some archetypes of reflective practice in the education profession.
  4. Explain why becoming a reflective practitioner is an encouraged practice for teachers.
  5. Deduce effective strategies for self-reflection based on lived professional experiences.
  6. Recognize the challenges of ensuring that reflection leads to desired outcomes.
  7. Compose a personal philosophy of education after engaging in the reflection process.




Reflective practice for renewing schools: An action guide for educators (Rev: 3rd ed.)

Publisher: Corwin (2016)
Author: York-Barr, J., Sommers, W. A., Ghere, G. S., & Montie, J.
ISBN: 9781506350516
Price: $41.04

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