EDU 5400: Instructional Strategies


Specific instructional strategies can have an amazing impact on certain student audiences. Understanding the best way to reach a diverse classroom setting can make a huge difference in the learning experience for each learner. The alignment of the strategy with the classroom dynamics and content can lead to greater efficiency and effectiveness for the instruction. This contributes to the greater professional satisfaction for the teacher. There will be an intense comparison between the “constructivist” classroom and the traditional teacher-centered learning environment.


  1. Compare and contrast creative and critical thinking.
  2. Determine proper alignment of learning objectives, instruction, and assessments.
  3. Utilize technology as a tool to enrich teaching and learning.
  4. Examine learner differences when providing differentiated educational experiences based on student preparedness, interests, and multiple intelligences.
  5. Describe effective classroom management techniques to increase learner self-regulation and create a community of learners.
  6. Compare and contrast instructional methods based on constructivism and teacher-centered learning environments.
  7. Identify the main concepts of inquiry-based and self-directed learning and their application to the classroom.
  8. Create an effectual lesson using a variety of instructional methods.




Methods for effective teaching: Meeting the needs of all students (Rev: 7th ed.)

Publisher: Pearson (2016)
Author: Burden, P. R., & Byrd, D. M.
ISBN: 9780134057583
Price: $100.11

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