EDU 5200: Building Professional and Community Relationships


The 21st century work environment is anchored in teams, teamwork, and collaboration. The skills necessary to develop professional and community relationships are anchored in well-defined processes and strategies that lead to greater interaction within the educational community. Some of the areas explored are communication skills, building relationships, problem-solving strategies, facilitation skills, and expanding the walls of a traditional school setting to the broader community.


  1. Analyze issues within their local communities.
  2. Design strategies to energize and empower various partnership groups.
  3. Evaluate the leadership hierarchy with various communities.
  4. Construct systemic steps to help individuals adapt to change.
  5. Develop a matrix of services provided to support students.
  6. Strategize the use of positive facilitation skills in various settings.
  7. Explore networking opportunities in the larger community.


  1. EDU 5000


School-community relations (Rev: 4th ed.)

Publisher: Routledge (2016)
Author: Fiore, D. J.
ISBN: 9781138823419
Price: (No information available)

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