EDU 5102: Student-Centered Differentiated Learning


How is the totally inclusive classroom setting created? Student-Centered Differentiated Instruction explores the wide range of socio-economic, academic, cultural, ethnic, giftedness, and disabling conditions of the student body. Blending the gifts and talents of each learner creates a challenging, yet rich learning environment. This course will explore a wide range of strategies used to successfully create a true student-centered environment in which instruction is differentiated to turn differences into assets.


  1. Analyze the positive attributes of a culturally responsive pedagogy.
  2. Create a personal professional action plan focused on implementing a specific philosophical approach to teaching and learning.
  3. Investigate learner’s own educational setting, and assess the role interdisciplinary teaching strategies play in his or her system.
  4. Generate uses of a wide range of technology available to teachers and students.
  5. Explore ways to use technology to impact student achievement and differentiate instruction.
  6. Create an action plan to help coach teachers to create differentiated classrooms through the implementation of brain-based research.
  7. Develop a clear institutional and personal definition and philosophy for differentiated instruction.
  8. Assess internally how student progress is monitored and who has access to that data.
  9. Create a professional development strategy to help teachers design non-traditional learning environments that impact student engagement and exploration.
  10. Design learning activities for teachers so they can help students become self-advocates for their own learning.




Creating inclusive classrooms: Effective, differentiated and reflective practices (Rev: 8th ed.)

Publisher: Pearson (2016)
Author: Salend, S. J.
ISBN: 9780133591200
Price: $85.87

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