EDU 5101: Culture of Continuous Improvement in Education


The focus of this course is around quality and performance improvement in today’s educational settings to maximize improved student learning. This will be accomplished through examination of quality assurances, continuous quality improvement, and performance improvement using data to guide decision-making. Part of the focus will be around coaching colleagues toward high performance through professional development and professional teaming. One component of this course is to clearly define the proper role of performance evaluations.


  1. Discuss stakeholder expectations for quality assurance through reporting.
  2. Examine strategies to create a shared vision for a culture of excellence to maximize student learning.
  3. Analyze demographic, summative, and formative data to make improvement decision.
  4. Critique research based intervention practices and professional development needs in response to data.
  5. Discuss the importance of collaboration and professional teams focused on improvement.
  6. Summarize effective educator performance development through evaluation feedback, coaching, and individualized professional development plans.
  7. Propose ways to involve parents, guardians, and the community in the process of supporting student learning.
  8. Differentiate between district, school, and classroom improvement plans.




Getting more excited about using data (Rev: 3rd ed.)

Publisher: Corwin (2017)
Author: Holcomb, E. L.
ISBN: 9781506357256
Price: $44.40

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