EDU 5100: Personal Leadership Skills and Team Building


Self-assessment and self-reflection are both key if leaders are to remain true to their purpose. Understanding one’s own leadership style is important. Utilizing an individual’s strengths and recognizing areas of needed growth are also vital if the leader is to be effective and able to assist in building stronger teams within a professional setting.


  1. Analyze their specific leadership style.
  2. Evaluate the events and people who shaped their view of leadership.
  3. Develop implementation plans around servant leadership.
  4. Create action plans for maintaining personal balance and professional renewal.
  5. Implement a plan to build proactive work teams.
  6. Develop a comprehensive set of practical skills and tools, which will enhance their own personal leadership competency.
  7. Summarize their insight into how knowledge of diversity on a team can impact team building and team structures.
  8. Justify strategies and techniques that will create a culture where controversy can be handled with civility.




The teacher leader: Core competencies and strategies for effective leadership

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield (06/18/2014)
Author: Tomal, D. R., Schilling, C. A., & Wilhite, R. K.
ISBN: 9781475807448
Price: $86.32

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