EDU 5000: Adults as Learners


The principle mission of the Organizational Leadership Teacher Leader program is to help learners recognize, understand, build, and cultivate their individual leadership skills. Such skills will be realized by reflecting on leadership theories, current practice, personal leadership development, and a systemic view of leadership and the role of leaders. The program is anchored in application and how learners utilize and model teacher leader “best practices” in their day-to-day professional and personal life.


  1. Apply contemporary theories of adult learning, to develop appropriate programming for adult learners.
  2. Research several models geared towards creating a positive learning culture for adult learners.
  3. Evaluate their own learning system to develop action plans creating a participatory learning organization.
  4. Explore concepts such as motivation, individual and group behaviors, and teambuilding.
  5. Articulate the impact current trends have had on education.
  6. Explain the role trainers of adult learners have on the overall learning culture of the system.
  7. Design assessment strategies and tools to provide insight regarding effectiveness of specific educational trainings within their current educational setting.




Teaching adults: A practical guide for new teachers

Publisher: Jossey-Bass (2015)
Author: Brockett, R. G.
ISBN: 9781118903414
Price: $31.20

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