CYB 4500: Cybersecurity Capstone


Focuses on a final project encompassing all information systems, information systems security, and concentration courses. Students apply knowledge learned from database management, programming, web development, and systems analysis. The project requires students to develop an application by planning development, analyzing security risk, determining budgets for security activities, and evaluating overall health of the application.


  1. Develop an application, website, or database using practices learned from information system, and information systems security.
  2. Create an IS Security Plan identifying application development, disaster recovery procedures, auditing, and security budgets.
  3. Propose a security plan for project solution.
  4. Construct preventative measures to ensure application, database, or website is secure.


  1. CYB 4302
  2. CYB 4401
  3. CYB 4301
  4. CIS 4101
  5. CYB 4304
  6. CYB 4402


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