CYB 4453: IT Infrastructure Management


Presents a comprehensive study of current technology management trends and tools. Includes coverage of varying types, sizes, and levels with an emphasis on larger organizations and systems.


  1. Summarize the history and current developments of major technology components.
  2. Analyze cases related to the selection and management of technology components.
  3. Discuss in detail the capabilities of various types of enterprise systems, managerial-support systems, and e-business systems.
  4. Analyze cases involving the selection and implementation of enterprise systems, managerial support systems, and e-business systems.
  5. Analyze methodologies for custom-developed and purchased software.
  6. Discuss the range of IS leadership roles.
  7. Identify current best practices for managing IT assets.




Management information systems (Rev: 7th ed.)

Publisher: Cengage Learning (2015)
Author: Sousa, K. J., & Oz, E.
ISBN: 9781285186139
Price: $197.98

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