CYB 4304: Cybersecurity Law and Policy


Provides a framework for the regulations and policies intended to protect assets from cyber attacks. Students will practice security information gathering and create security plans to reduce potential attacks. Students will also develop security procedures and processes for responding to security breaches and assessing risk for information assets.


  1. Classify the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities in the information technology (IT) security policy framework definition.
  2. Formulate an acceptable use policy implementation plan for an organization.
  3. Create a risk assessment policy defining a separation of duties to deter fraudulent actions within the seven domains and policy definitions.
  4. Develop a security awareness training policy for new and existing employees at an organization.
  5. Design a computer incident response policy (CIRP).
  6. Construct an organization-wide cybersecurity policy to ensure compliance within the seven domains of the IT infrastructure.


  1. CIS 4101


Security policies and implementation issues (Rev: 2nd ed.)

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning (2015)
Author: Johnson, R.
ISBN: 9781284055993
Price: $84.44

Laboratory manual to accompany security policies and implementation issues (Rev: Version 2.0)

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning (2015)
Author: vLab Solutions.
ISBN: 9781284059168
Price: $32.90

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