CRJ 4302: Preparedness and Response Partners


Examines the diversity of homeland security partners, their capabilities, strengths, and improvement areas in terms of collaborative preparedness and response.


  1. Determine community collaborative options, agencies, and organizations that address homeland security preparedness and response.
  2. Assess how first responders (police, fire, and emergency medical services) interact with other agencies with a preparedness and response role in homeland security.
  3. Outline the strengths and weaknesses of non-first responders with a preparedness and response role in homeland security.
  4. Distinguish between the various levels of government (federal, state, tribal, and local) to determine current levels of communication and coordination with a view to improve them further.
  5. Analyze national assets that are prepared to respond to domestic terrorism incidents.
  6. Take part in an assessment in which agencies and organizations would both actively prepare for a given domestic terrorism scenario as well as respond to the specific incident provided while describing their respective roles.


  1. CRJ 2050


Homeland security: A complete guide (Rev: 2)

Publisher: McGraw Hill (2012)
Author: Sauter, M. A., & Carafano, J. J.
ISBN: 9780071774000
Price: $77.92

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