CRJ 4201: Probation and Community Corrections


This course examines probation and community corrections from its inception through current times. Students will examine the philosophy behind probation and community corrections as well as its implementation in the United States. This course will also address the roles and responsibilities of practitioners and the relationship of probation and community corrections to other components in the criminal justice system.


  1. Assess the development and significance of community corrections.
  2. Explain community correction’s role in the criminal justice system and the importance of community corrections to the court process.
  3. Compare and contrast the myriad of rehabilitative programs within community corrections and evaluate the effectiveness of these programs.
  4. Explain the legal and ethical issues involved in community corrections.
  5. Describe the parole process, the different conditions of parole, and the effectiveness of parole.
  6. Differentiate between the need for restorative justice, the types of restorative justice, and the players involved.
  7. Explain the juvenile probation process and available programs for juvenile offenders.
  8. Predict the future of community corrections and rehabilitative programs.


  1. CRJ 2200
  2. CRJ 2000


Community-based corrections (Rev: 12th ed.)

Publisher: Cengage Learning (2019)
Author: Alarid, L. F.
ISBN: 9781337687362
Price: $188.31

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