CRJ 3701: Criminal Investigation


Presents a study of the development of the investigative procedures and techniques from early practices to modern-day forensic science capabilities with an emphasis on leadership, investigation, and case preparations.


  1. Describe the history of criminal investigation.
  2. Analyze the criminal investigation process.
  3. Outline the process for obtaining information in a criminal investigation.
  4. Explain crimes against persons.
  5. Analyze the differences in investigatory procedures utilized in crimes against people.
  6. Explain the laws that guide the collection of evidence.
  7. Explore the legal significance of evidence in relation to criminal cases.
  8. Examine the relationship between criminal investigation and the courtroom process.


  1. CRJ 2001
  2. CRJ 2000


Criminal investigation (Rev: 4th ed.)

Publisher: SAGE (2019)
Author: Brandl, S. G.
ISBN: 9781506391410
Price: $124.80

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