CRJ 3601: Criminal Law


Provides a study of the nature and foundations of U.S. criminal law. Students focus on evolution of statutory crimes in the United States, analysis of contemporary federal and statutory offenses, criminal conduct, criminal responsibility, criminal defenses, criminal liability, and elements of the crime.


  1. Define terms related to criminal law.
  2. Examine the purpose and function of criminal law.
  3. Assess legal issues as presented in court cases.
  4. Analyze key concepts related to criminal law.
  5. Examine various laws.


  1. CRJ 2000
  2. CRJ 3301


Criminal law today (Rev: 6th ed.)

Publisher: Pearson (2017)
Author: Schmalleger, F., & Hall, D. E.
ISBN: 9780134163734
Price: $164.19

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