CRJ 3304: Ethical and Legal Issues in Homeland Security


Survey of American constitutional and national security law, homeland security legislation, and judicial opinions. Examination of conduct codes, ethical decision-making, ethical leadership, and moral courage.


  1. Apply the legal and constitutional principles in the area of Homeland Security.
  2. Interpret case law, precedential, and court decisions relating to and having an effect upon homeland security policy and law.
  3. Examine federal laws related to Homeland Security.
  4. Appraise civil rights and human rights within the context of national security.
  5. Compare and contrast between laws and ethics.
  6. Identify and delineate ethical issues related to Homeland Security.




Understanding the Constitution

Publisher: Jones and Bartlett (2011)
Author: Scaros, C. E.
ISBN: 9780763758110
Price: $148.55

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