CRJ 3020: Mental Illness and Crime


Mental Illness and Crime emphasizes the dynamics behind the correlation of crime and mental illness. With the growing population of those with mental illness within the system, this course is relevant to law enforcement, corrections, and courts personnel, as well as all other aspects of the criminal justice system. Students will explore myths and realities, as well as learn about specific disorders encouraged within the field.


  1. Explain the correlation between crime and mental illness.
  2. Identify current issues, trends and challenges mental illness presents to the criminal justice system.
  3. Explain the impact of substance abuse on mental illness.
  4. Explore major landmark cases related to mental illness and criminal law.
  5. Distinguish the major categories of mental disorders.


  1. PSY 1010
  2. CRJ 2000
  3. CRJ 2501


Mental illness and crime

Publisher: SAGE (2015)
Author: Schug, R. A., & Franklin, H. F.
ISBN: 9781412987073
Price: $97.76

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