CRJ 3010: Victimology


Victimology includes an examination of trends and patterns of victimization through history. Students will explore victim rights, fair treatment, empowerment, and compensation. Focus will be given to society’s response to victims and their problems as well as victimization by the justice system.


  1. Describe the effects of victimization on individuals and families.
  2. Discuss the role of victims within the criminal justice system.
  3. Summarize social implications of victimization.
  4. Explain victim services such as compensation programs, rights, and prevention programs.
  5. Identify major public policy initiatives directed towards victims.
  6. Explain the historical elements and subfields of victimology.
  7. Examine the interactions experienced by victims with their offenders, the criminal justice system, and society.
  8. Interpret the major theoretical explanations of criminal victimization.


  1. CRJ 2000
  2. PSY 1010
  3. CRJ 2501


Victimology: Legal, psychological, and social perspectives (Rev: 4th ed.)

Publisher: Prentice Hall (2015)
Author: Wallace, H., & Roberson, C.
ISBN: 9780133495522
Price: $117.59

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