CRJ 2900: Management and Supervision for Criminal Justice Personnel


This course is designed to help student learners bridge the gap between concept and practice, and provide them with a knowledge and understanding of the myriad of roles and responsibilities affiliated with management in criminal justice.


  1. Describe the political environment of the criminal justice system.
  2. Define the organization's mission, policy, and procedure.
  3. Describe the major theories of organization.
  4. Define the five steps of the communication process and the importance in administration.
  5. Analyze the major theories of leadership.
  6. Define occupational effectiveness.
  7. Explain the concept of organization change.


  1. CRJ 2000


Administration and management in criminal justice: A service quality approach (Rev: 2nd ed.)

Publisher: SAGE (2015)
Author: Allen, J. M., & Sawhney, R.
ISBN: 9781483350707
Price: $131.04

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