CRJ 2200: Theory and Practices of Corrections


Provides a historical overview of theory and practices of convicted offenders with an emphasis on U.S. corrections, including institutional procedures, relevant technological innovations in security, and future innovation impact.


  1. Explain the five primary punishment philosophies.
  2. Discuss how public opinion and mass media affect the correctional system.
  3. Trace the historical evolution of the correctional system’s treatment of offenders.
  4. Explain how community supervision is beneficial to the community, offender, and victim.
  5. Identify sentencing trends over the last five decades.
  6. Distinguish the differences in function and purpose between jails and prisons.
  7. Discuss how prison life affects an inmate both while in prison and once released.
  8. Identify issues related to prisoners with special health care needs.


  1. CRJ 2000


Corrections (Rev: 3rd ed.)

Publisher: Pearson (2018)
Author: Alarid, L. F., & Reichel, P. L.
ISBN: 9780134548678
Price: $85.61

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