CRJ 2200: Theory and Practices of Corrections


Provides a historical overview of theory and practices of convicted offenders with an emphasis on U.S. corrections, including institutional procedures, relevant technological innovations in security, and future innovation impact.


  1. Define terms related to corrections.
  2. Assess the purpose, implementation, and effectiveness of corrections.
  3. Trace the historical evolution of the correctional system.
  4. Examine the organization of corrections.
  5. Examine challenges faced by the correctional system.
  6. Compare and contrast the differences and similarities of the various clients of a correctional facility.
  7. Analyze prison life and the effects it can have on individuals and society.
  8. Appraise the legal rights of inmates and the use of capital punishment.


  1. CRJ 2000


Corrections in the 21st century (Rev: 7)

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (2015)
Author: Schmalleger, F. & Smylka, J. O.
ISBN: 9780078140921
Price: $194.35

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