COM 5360: Crisis Communication and Leadership


Explores strategies for leading and communicating effectively with both internal and external audiences during crisis situations. Discusses the development of a communication plan and how to craft and deliver messaging during the crisis situation.


  1. Apply crisis communication theory to real-world crisis situations.
  2. Evaluate leaders’ approaches to crisis communication and action.
  3. Apply strategies for communicating and leading during times of uncertainty.
  4. Apply strategies for communicating a message to neutralize risk or scandal.
  5. Create opportunities for positive messaging in the midst of crisis, in order to support the organization, its people, and its brand.
  6. Evaluate ethical demands of the leader during crisis situations.
  7. Create a leadership communication plan for a crisis situation.
  8. Develop strategies for leading the organization toward crisis recovery and renewal.




Effective crisis communication: Moving from crisis to opportunity (Rev: 3rd ed.)

Publisher: SAGE (2015)
Author: Ulmer, R. R., Sellnow, T. L, & Seeger, M. W.
ISBN: 9781452257518
Price: $72.80

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