COM 4520: Senior Capstone


Gives students a chance to prepare a portfolio of work that can be used to gain entrance to graduate school or gainful employment. Students will be allowed to stress their area of interest-news writing, radio, video, public relations, etc.-but will also be required to show a broad range of talent in the communications area. Students also learn about personal finance, including lessons on budgeting, using credit, investment planning, retirement planning, and preserving estates. Software requirements: Adobe CC Hardware requirements: Mac computer or Windows compatible computer with specifications found at


  1. Demonstrate an understanding of personal finance.
  2. Complete a personal retirement analysis.
  3. Create a professional portfolio in your area of communication interest.




PFIN3 (Rev: 3)

Publisher: South-Western (2014)
Author: Gitman, L.J., Joehnk, M.D., & Billingsley, R.
ISBN: 9781285082578
Price: $54.56

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