COM 4360: Crisis Management


This course is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of media crisis management. The course focuses on actions to take and actions to avoid when handling a crisis situation from a communications perspective. Topics will include issues management, risk management, relationship management, crisis planning and preparation, and review of case studies. Finally, students will develop a workable and generic crisis management plan.


  1. Define a crisis situation and distinguish between a crisis situation, an ongoing issues management matter, and a disaster.
  2. Explain the steps that a public relations professional should take in preventing and managing a crisis, including evaluation and resolution.
  3. Evaluate the advice provided by public relations and communication professionals on handling a crisis and dealing with the media.
  4. Develop plans of action to respond to crisis situations, as presented in the classroom.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to provide timely information to the media and other stakeholders in a crisis situation.
  6. Incorporate the use of social media into achieving the previous outcome.
  7. Analyze an actual crisis situation and how it was managed.
  8. Produce a basic crisis plan for use in managing a crisis situation.


  1. COM 4220


Crisis communications: The definitive guide to managing the message

Publisher: McGraw-Hill (2013)
Author: Fink, S.
ISBN: 9780071799218
Price: $23.40

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