COM 3400: Digital Imaging


An in-depth study of digital still photography and the capabilities of computers to manage, enhance, and manipulate images. Using Adobe Photoshop, the students will study and perform techniques previously possible only in the darkroom; plus, they will explore capabilities only available using computers. Besides covering the basic and advanced techniques, the course is intended to expand students’ understanding of digital imaging as a means of visual communication. Software requirements: Adobe CC Hardware requirements: Mac computer or Windows compatible computer with specifications found at


  1. Identify and specify different graphic file formats for print and web.
  2. Distinguish image resolution from resolution of input and output devices.
  3. Explain bit depth and image modes (bitmap, grayscale, RGB, and CMYK).
  4. Apply editing techniques using retouching tools (Healing Brush, Clone tool, Patch tool) to use in composites.
  5. Demonstrate a mastery of the selection tools (Wand, Marquee, Lasso, Quick Selection).
  6. Demonstrate proficiency with layers (naming, organizing sets, styles, adjustment layers).
  7. Demonstrate proficiency creating and editing masks (quick, channels, layers, clipping).
  8. Distinguish between vector and raster graphics.
  9. Use the Pen tool as a selection device.
  10. Use type and type effects.
  11. Illustrate how to optimize images for output to print and web.
  12. Develop a controlled use of selected filters.
  13. Create well-executed composite images, giving consideration to “nondestructive” editing.
  14. Critique others’ use of imaging techniques and determine how the effective use of these techniques can enhance communication.


  1. COM 1010
  2. COM 1020
  3. COM 2010


Adobe Photoshop CC classroom in a book

Publisher: Peachpit Press (2013)
Author: Adobe
ISBN: 9780321928078
Price: $7.80

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