COM 3180: Editing


Students learn that editing is part science, part art, and part diplomacy. Science means mastering language skills—spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage, and style— and using them to ensure that copy is clear, accurate, and consistent. Art means making the writing tight and effective through word choice and economy. Diplomacy means knowing when to change copy and when to leave well enough alone. Students learn how editors play the roles of gatekeeper and quality-control agent. Those not interested in editing as a career will learn valuable skills to improve their writing.


  1. Practice understanding grammar and applying it in context.
  2. Practice understanding issues of mechanics and applying them in context.
  3. Practice with spelling.
  4. Practice with AP style guidelines.
  5. Discussion and practical application of guidelines in the AP Stylebook.




When words collide: A media writer's guide to grammar and style (Rev: 8)

Publisher: Wadsworth (2012)
Author: Kessler, L., & McDonald, D.
ISBN: 978-0495572404
Price: $101.88

When words collide: A media writer's guide to grammar and style [Exercise book] (Rev: 8)

Publisher: Wadsworth (2012)
Author: Miller, T. I., & McDonald, D.
ISBN: 978-0495901617
Price: $53.11

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