COM 3020: Radio Production


The primary objective of this course is to familiarize students with the basic concepts, principles, practice, and profession of Radio in society and as a career. This is a foundation course for students considering radio as a career and a supplemental course for students involved in digital media production and in other fields. Software requirements: Adobe CC, Avid Pro Tools or equivalent Hardware requirements: External Microphone; Mac computer or Windows compatible computer with specifications found at


  1. Create audio productions using Adobe CS6 Audition.
  2. Compose on-air stop-sets following the KZOW radio clock format.
  3. Identify the role of an audio production person in the broadcast industry.
  4. Utilize digital audio, recording, storage, manipulation, audio processing, and special effects.
  5. Examine critical elements of commercial writing and production techniques that recognize the role the sales department plays in production.
  6. Explain station promotion, imaging, and the station on location.
  7. Summarize digital audio transmission methods for everything from transferring a commercial to another station to high-definition radio production techniques.
  8. Discuss how sales, programming, and production go hand in hand.
  9. Compare the key role radio plays in the development of rich content for the web and the expansion of radio’s interactive role and reach in the community.
  10. Assess a realistic approach of how to get a first job in radio, including the use of social media.


  1. COM 1020


Digital radio production (Rev: 2)

Publisher: Waveland Press (2012)
Author: Connelly, D. W.
ISBN: 9781577667797
Price: $70.67

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