COM 3010: Publication Design


Publication design is the process of selecting type and images and arranging these elements into an aesthetically pleasing multipage document. This course will challenge students to consider page flow and layout, while undertaking the task of learning the page layout software, InDesign.


  1. Analyze the design of existing publications.
  2. Apply the design principles effectively to the design elements in a publication.
  3. Create effective designs by identifying a design problem, researching the problem, and producing a variety of possible solutions.
  4. Demonstrate the skills to successfully design a range of publications.




Graphic design school: The principles and practice of graphic design (Rev: 6th ed.)

Publisher: Wiley (2017)
Author: Dabner, D., Stewart, S., & Vickress, A.
ISBN: 9781119343165
Price: $42.90

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