COM 1040: News Gathering and Reporting


Provides instruction in determining what news is, how information is gathered and how it is reported through the various media (print, electronic and web). The course gives students a background in news gathering and reporting and practice in writing stories for publication. We will also learn the Associated Press (AP) style of writing.


  1. Demonstrate the basics of news writing.
  2. Demonstrate best journalistic practices when gathering news.
  3. Compose a quality news story.
  4. Compose a quality personality profile.
  5. Determine the proper use of the AP-style writing format.
  6. Explain how digital media is replacing print journalism.




Writing and reporting news: A coaching method (Rev: 8th ed.)

Publisher: Cengage Learning (2016)
Author: Rich, C.
ISBN: 9781305077331
Price: $122.79

The Associated Press stylebook 2018 and briefing on media law (Rev: 53rd ed.)

Publisher: The Associated Press (2018)
Author: Froke, P., Bratton, A. J., Garcia, O., McMillan, J., Minthorn, D., & Schwartz, J. (Eds.).
ISBN: 9780917360671
Price: $44.18

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