COM 1020: Introduction to Digital Technology


This course provides students with an introduction to digital production and social media. Students will explore Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Keynote, Final Cut Pro X, YouTube, and WordPress. Students will build an online portfolio using the above software. This portfolio will be used to showcase projects throughout their career at Waldorf University. Software requirements: Keynote or equivalent, Final Cut Pro X or equivalent Hardware requirements: Video Camera, Camera; Mac computer or Windows compatible computer with specifications found at


  1. Shoot, edit, and distribute digital pictures using Flickr.
  2. Use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as resources for establishing social media marketing.
  3. Shoot, edit, and distribute digital videos using Final Cut Pro X and YouTube.
  4. Create presentations using Keynote.
  5. Create and populate a digital portfolio using WordPress.
  6. Create and populate a digital professional profile using LinkedIn.




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