BUS 4750: Human Resource Management Strategy and Emerging Issues


This course explores the definition of engagement, identifies its real drivers, and specifies achievable strategic outcomes of engagement. Topics include the engagement of our multidimensional and changing workforce in an environment that is as complex as today’s workers, the development of adaptable organizational structures and multidimensional human resources management systems tailored to the needs of today’s workforces, and human resources systems that not only strengthen engagement but also deliver the business performance benefits promised by greater engagement for today’s workforce.


  1. Explain how the human resources function is affected by the employment trends of the 21st century.
  2. Compare and contrast the tactical and strategic roles for the human resource management function in a multigenerational workforce.
  3. Analyze the challenges of talent management for the human resources executive from a strategic perspective.
  4. Analyze the differences in employee engagement for the 21st century and how that contributes to competitive success.
  5. Demonstrate how to develop an effective employee engagement framework for the 21st century.
  6. Evaluate how change has increased the need for organizational adaptability.
  7. Analyze how managing contact human capital has changed in the 21st century and why that change is important for competitive success.
  8. Demonstrate an effective strategic human resources plan for achieving success in the 21st century.




Practices for engaging the 21st century workforce: Challenges of talent management in a changing workplace

Publisher: Pearson Education (2014)
Author: Castellano, W.
ISBN: 978-0133086379
Price: $28.42

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