BUS 4426: International Management


A study of the challenges that confront the managers of organizations and individuals in global settings. Special focus on benefits from diversity that exists across international cultures, markets, economics, governments and organizations. A general overview of the process and effect of internationalization in contemporary business.


  1. Categorize consequences of globalization on countries around the world.
  2. Compare and contrast the impact of different political, legal, and economic systems on international management.
  3. Defend ethics and social responsibility in international management.
  4. Evaluate the cultural effects managing international businesses.
  5. Analyze important elements of effective cross-cultural negotiation and communication.
  6. Examine international management strategies that emphasize global integration versus local adaptation.
  7. Compare and contrast the entry methods and approaches tailored to international business organizations.
  8. Assess political risks of international organizations managing their relationships with national governments.




International management: Culture, strategy and behavior (Rev: 9)

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (2015)
Author: Luthens, F., & Doh, J. P.
ISBN: 9780077862442
Price: $160.09

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