BUS 4080: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving


Presents an in-depth study of creative thinking, critical thinking techniques, and problem-solving processes that are essential for disrupting thinking. Moral, legal, and aesthetic reasoning are addressed as applicable to the process of rational reflection and judgment.


  1. Summarize the role of creative thinking within innovative business practices.
  2. Apply innovative thinking processes to complex issues.
  3. Differentiate creative thinking approaches with status quo thinking patterns.
  4. Diagram strategies to overcome barriers that inhibit creative thinking.
  5. Outline leadership strategies that create an organizational culture that embraces sustained creative thinking practices.
  6. Deconstruct persuasive arguments with creative thinking principles.




Managing change, creativity and innovation (Rev: 4th ed.)

Publisher: SAGE (2021)
Author: Dawson, P., & Andriopoulos, C.
ISBN: 9781529734959
Price: (No information available)

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