BUS 3720: Project Management Overview


Presents an introduction to modern project management practices and techniques. Examines current terminology, definitions, and conventions along with the different objectives, roles, and responsibilities of individual project team members.


  1. Identify project management concepts.
  2. Examine the steps for identifying projects and developing their proposals.
  3. Identify scope, quality, responsibility, activity sequence, and schedule of a project.
  4. Determine the budget requirements for a project to include earned value.
  5. Analyze risks by identifying their potential impact.
  6. Analyze a project team’s characteristics in its entirety.
  7. Identify the steps for closing a project.
  8. Describe the project management organizational structure roles, including responsibilities and skills of the project manager.




Contemporary project management (Rev: 3rd ed.)

Publisher: Cengage Learning (2015)
Author: Kloppenborg, T. J.
ISBN: 9781285433356
Price: $266.14

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