BUS 3710: Introduction to Project Management


Explores the history and development of project management and the project management process framework. This course provides an overview of the five project management process groups, including initiating, planning, executing, controlling and monitoring, and closing.


  1. Describe the components of a basic project schedule.
  2. Discuss project management as a series of activities and tasks.
  3. Explain how the project triple constraint is used to manage a project.
  4. Develop a project plan.
  5. Analyze factors impacting control of project costs.
  6. Summarize project management techniques.
  7. Examine project teams.




Successful project management (Rev: 7th ed.)

Publisher: Cengage Learning (2018)
Author: Gido, J., Clements, J. P., & Baker, R.
ISBN: 9781337095471
Price: $204.71

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