BUS 3602: Principles of Management


Principles of Management presents a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics involved in managing organizations within the construct of today’s global environment. The course provides students with an opportunity to study and discuss the functions and elements of management. Topics include the principles of management as they pertain to leadership, strategic decision-making, motivation, goal-framing effects, organizational design and change, perceptions, high-performance teams, and group behavior.


  1. Analyze the impact of change and innovation in organizational processes.
  2. Evaluate the role of strategic planning in organizations.
  3. Recommend ways to motivate employees by applying a human behavior theory, a leadership theory, and a leadership style.
  4. Recognize the impact of ethics on shaping an organization.
  5. Explore the value of corporate social responsibility.
  6. Identify the impact of different types of leadership on organizational behavior.
  7. Discuss the value of human capital in an organization.
  8. Relate resource management to strategic planning in an organization.
  9. Define the five components of management: planning, organization, staffing, directing, and control.
  10. Apply managerial skills, principles and decision-making strategies to the implementation of business best practices.




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