BUS 3602: Principles of Management


The course provides a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics involved in managing organizations within the construct of today’s global environment. The course provides students with an opportunity to study and discuss the functions and elements of management. Topics include the principles of management as they pertain to leadership, strategic decision making, motivation, goal-framing effects, organizational design and change, perceptions, high-performance teams, and group behavior.


  1. Analyze the impact of change and innovation in organizational processes.
  2. Discuss the roles managers perform, the skills they need to execute those roles effectively and the way new information technology is affecting these roles and skills.
  3. Compare and contrast the principal challenges managers face in today’s increasingly competitive global environment.
  4. Describe management processes and skills that influence organizational effectiveness.
  5. Compare and contrast how individual behavior exists within the context of the business environment.
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of different leadership styles and their impact on subordinate and organizational performance.
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of the significance and interrelations of individualism, perceptions, motivation, and employee behavior.
  8. Evaluate and discuss the influence and opportunities of team / workgroups in the workforce.
  9. Analyze the impact that values have upon a variety of management decisions.
  10. Describe and apply the elements of strategic planning and SWOT analysis to strategic managerial decisions.
  11. Evaluate the need for change and recommend change for a business situation.
  12. Apply management skills and principles to work-related situations.




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