BUS 2551: Intercultural Management


Presents an overview of the impact of culture on international business. Review of intercultural skills needed to develop successful management strategies across cultures. Emphasis is placed on assessing the environment, ethics and social responsibility, communication skills, and formulating business strategies.


  1. Explain how the political and economic environment affects decision-making.
  2. Compare universal cultural variables that affect job behaviors.
  3. Describe the necessary steps involved with developing international business strategies.
  4. Examine the influence of culture on strategic choice.
  5. Explain the processes of preparation, adaptation, and repatriation in relation to intercultural management.
  6. Discuss new demands leaders face in relation to human rights and ethical conduct.




International management: Managing across borders and cultures (Rev: 9th ed.)

Publisher: Pearson (2017)
Author: Deresky, H.
ISBN: 9780134376042
Price: (No information available)

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