BIO 1030: Principles of Biology


Introduces all major areas of general biology. The relevance and contribution of this discipline to business, health care, policy creation, and other sciences are highlighted in this course.


  1. Evaluate concepts and theories of basic biological sciences including: the scientific method, cellular processes, heredity, and biodiversity.
  2. Generate logical interpretations and conclusions based on various representations of scientific data.
  3. Examine the basic properties of living organisms, to include the categorization of life.
  4. Explain various chemical processes within living organisms.
  5. Analyze the fundamental structure and function of the cell.
  6. Compare and contrast the phases of mitosis and meiosis.
  7. Predict genotypes based on patterns of heredity and pedigree information.
  8. Examine macromolecules to include synthesis, structure, and function.
  9. Relate biological concepts to current real world issues, and technology.




Biology: A guide to the natural world (Rev: 5th ed., (Technology update))

Publisher: Pearson (2014)
Author: Krogh, D.
ISBN: 9780321946768
Price: $158.08

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