ART 1302: Art Appreciation II


Art Appreciation II includes a firm foundation and exploration of art through past and present art concepts, conventions, and functions in the expression of cultural, political, and personal views of the world around us.


  1. Describe ways culture, ethnicity, language, and art affect the way people respond to ideas and visual information.
  2. Evaluate cultural context of works of art and architecture created in respective historical periods.
  3. Identify the production and use of major historical and contemporary media.
  4. Investigate ethnic, racial, cultural, and gender issues within works of art.
  5. Analyze works of art based on relevant terminology.




Exploring art: A global, thematic approach (Rev: 5)

Publisher: Cengage Learning (2016)
Author: Lazzari, M., & Schlesler, D.
ISBN: 9781285858166
Price: $168.06

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