ART 1010: Art Appreciation


Provides a firm foundation of art appreciation based on the comprehension of stylistic and theoretical concepts in the art and architecture from the Prehistoric to the Middle Ages.


  1. Comprehend the developments of Western art and architecture from Prehistory to the Middle Ages.
  2. Synthesize cultural context of works of art and architecture created in respective historical periods.
  3. Develop an art vocabulary.
  4. Articulate the ideas and analyze major characteristics of period styles through the identification of specific works within artistic movements and historical periods.
  5. Identify artistic styles and major works of specific artists.
  6. Analyze and discuss works of art in their historic and stylistic contexts.




SlideGuide, vol 1

Publisher: Wadsworth (2010)
Author: Kleiner, F. S
ISBN: 9781439085950
Price: (No information available)

Gardner's art through the ages: A global history, enhanced edition, volume I (Rev: 13)

Publisher: Wadsworth (2011)
Author: Kleiner, F. S.
ISBN: 9781439085783
Price: $188.86

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