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Pillars Digital Media-Communications Scholarship

You see the world through a different lens. You spot moments that could be epic stories. You are the story teller, the designer or the one who can motivate a team to get things done.

You don't just live life, you create it.

Waldorf University Communications is looking for creative sparks to ignite the next generation of social media planners, film makers, journalists and graphic designers. We want to invest in the artistic rebels who not only can imagine new ideas, but bring them to life.

Earn up to FULL TUITION to Waldorf University to do what you do best: rock the world.

  • The Deets
    1. The Pillars Digital Media-Communications Scholarship is custom made for the creative. We already know you see the world in a unique way so we want to help you grow that creativity.
    2. Get your application done! Your deadline is graduation and it's quickly approaching. Just do it, okay?
    3. If you've got some amazing projects you've already created, share them with us when you submit your application. A project submission isn't required but who doesn't like to show off some sick skills, right?
    4. Expect a call from an admissions representative. Answer the phone!
  • Categories – Bring It


    Have you ever created a short that made people laugh, cry or scream? Why are you keeping it from us? Writers, producers, us your work!

    Graphic Design

    That amazing graphic that started in your mind and ended up on your computer? Let's see it!


    If you've written a great story for a school publication, we want to hear YOUR story.


    It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words; maybe yours is worth a scholarship. Let's find out!

    Public Relations/Event Planning

    Have you led a team, started a group or planned an event? Tell us all about it, you “people-person,” you.

  • Rules, Shmools (but we gotta have a few.):

    Yeah rules can be a bummer but we need to make sure you’re serious about your future. So, here’s who can apply. We’re sure you fit the standards.

    1. You have to be new here and want a four-year degree. We wanna keep your creative mind around as long as possible.
    2. Forget sports. This is all about creativity in graphic design, film production, public relations, journalism and radio or television broadcast. You’re going to need all the time you can get to let those brain synapses connect so no sports scholarship recipients allowed.
    3. You have to be solid in your studies and motivated. No room for slackers.
    4. We also don’t take downers. A positive attitude is a must.
    5. We’re all about connections and you will build a lot of them here. Be prepared to get to know a whole new world.
    6. Finally…if your wallet needs a break, you fit the criteria. We are here to help you affordably fulfill your dreams.

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