All full-time degree seeking students who do not receive an athletic scholarship will qualify for a merit-based academic scholarship AND a participation award. The following are awarded upon acceptance to Waldorf University and are based upon the student’s academic performance. These are automatic awards provided to freshman, transfer, and international students.

Scholarship Award Details
Award Level Transfer GPA Resident Plan Commuter Plan
Regents 3.6 $14,000 $10,500
Presidential 3.4 $12,000 $9,000
Excellence 3.2 $11,000 $8,250
Torch 2.8 $10,000 $7,500
Warrior 2.0 $9,000 $6,750

Please visit with your Admissions Counselor or Transfer Coordinator to find your award amount. All athletic awards are decided by the athletic coaches. Please contact your athletic coach for scholarship information. Please note that WU follows a resident and commuter scholarship plan.

Freshman Competitive Scholarship Opportunities

Pillars Scholarship

Program participants receive valuable connections to faculty, beneficial out-of-classroom experiences and extraordinary opportunities in internships, research and self-empowerment. Offering living-and-learning communities outside of the regular classroom setting provides the student valuable social connections within their field of interest. These opportunities allow our students to grow both personally and professionally enabling them to become exceptional contributors to society.

Scholarship Day

Scholarship Day is an academic event where incoming freshman, who meet eligibility requirements, are able to compete for several scholarships including a full-tuition scholarship. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Transfer Academic Scholarship Program

Waldorf NIACC Scholarship

Exclusive to recent NIACC graduates we are pleased to offer a new scholarship at Waldorf University – the Waldorf NIACC Scholarship was created to enable you to complete your baccalaureate degree.

Tuition Match Scholarship

Exclusive to recent community college graduates we are pleased to offer a new scholarship at Waldorf University – the Tuition Match Scholarship – created to enable you to complete your baccalaureate degree. 

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

Waldorf University provides scholarships to those students who are members in good standing in Phi Theta Kappa and meet the education requirements of the Phi Theta Kappa scholarship. Please visit with our Transfer Coordinator for more information.

Note: Applying does not guarantee that a scholarship will be awarded. Scholarships have varying deadlines and application requirements. We also encourage you to submit a Free Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA) to determine additional resources that may be available to help fund your education.