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Recipients – 2016

2016 Recipients

Learning Partner Scholarship

Jennifer Roland – Deland, FL (Lake County Fire Rescue, FL) “I am determined and patient when I need to be, however I pride myself in being able to stand up and take action when it’s needed. After all we can sit around and wait for life to happen for us, or we can take a step and make life happen! I am choosing the latter, and hope that you will support me in these goals and an opportunity for educational accomplishments so I may better serve those around me, both now and in the years to come!”

Terry Wages – Brandon, Mississippi (Brandon Fire Department) “The accumulation of knowledge, the ability to critically think through complex issues and the satisfaction of collaborating with my colleagues have allowed my educational journey to be one of fulfillment both personally and professionally. In addition, access to a formal education has greatly benefited my city while furthering my ability to effectively enhance the quality of our state's fire service.”

Ryan Wells – Trussville, AL (Gadsden Fire Department) “Furthering my college education seems to be the surest path to achieving my five year goals. I hope to learn all I can from the master’s program at Waldorf. I consider earning this degree a huge step in the right direction. Whatever the result, I see going back to school as the best decision I can make.”

Nathan Bell – Clinton, MS (Ridgeland Fire Department) “ I believe a real leader is one who leads by example. What better way to influence others within my department than to pursue a master’s degree! ”

Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship

Jesllin Gonzalez – Fayetteville, NC (Military Spouse – Army National Guard) “I have learned that knowledge is the key to becoming successful. In the world today, we are to make ourselves marketable yet valuable to the company. My skill set would need to increase if I would like to keep advancing in my current career. In next five years, I would like to achieve my bachelor’s degree with Waldorf University. I believe that this opportunity would help me and my family have a better future.”

Jennifer Harris – Locust Grove, GA (Spouse of Firefighter) "In my opinion, great partners in marriage will try to continuously motivate and push each other not just within their marriage but also professionally. My spouse has been motivating me to go back to college to finish my degree and be the best I can be in my field."

Rachel Velez - Pensacola, FL (Military Spouse - U.S. Air Force) "An education will put myself in a better position to get a job and meet this longtime goal. No one in my family has a degree. This has been a personal goal for myself. I had been going to school sometime ago but could not complete due to Permanent Change of Station. Also, completing the degree requirements will show my son and daughter that both of their parents have an education. This will shed some light to them that pursuing a education should be a priority."