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Recipients – 2015

2015 Recipients

Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship  Mandi Cornstuble – Virginia Beach, VA (Military Spouse – U.S. Navy) “This scholarship would have a very positive impact on my education. I will continue to serve in my roles as coach, ombudsman and auxiliary president while working towards my Bachelor's in Organizational Leadership and subsequently obtaining my teaching license. From there, I plan to get my master's degree and become a guidance counselor.”

Ashley Legg – Hope Mills, NC (Spouse of Firefighter) “This degree and opportunity would be a wonderful gift and blessing for me and my family. I hope that within the next five years, I will be able to complete the degree and start working for an organization that would allow me to use the information I had learned through the degree program.”

Learning Partner Scholarship 

Deana Dean – Arlington, WA (City of Arlington) “My goal is to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management within three years and to have an upper level position in that field within five years. A scholarship from Waldorf will give me the higher education that I need for a solid background. If I am awarded this scholarship, it would have a huge impact on allowing me to meet my educational goals. It would enable and motivate me to complete my degree within a certain timeframe instead of only taking a class whenever we have the funds for it. This scholarship is the difference between me fulfilling my goal of obtaining a BA versus me just having that goal.”

Baltimore City Fire 

Kenneth Sanner (Baltimore City Fire)