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Recipients – 2014

2014 Recipients
Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship
Aleshia Payne – Tullahoma, TN
Laura Paul – Forks, WA (Spouse of Firefighter) “Continuing my education would change my life as a wife, mother, and individual. I have a great life and wouldn’t change anything, other than finishing my degree. I always regret not being able to complete my degree just for the sense of accomplishment so my children can be proud of me. If given this opportunity, I would be able to show my family as well as myself that I am still capable of completing life goals that are set, and that it is never too late to start growing and learning.”
Jeremy Montgomery – Montgomery, IL (Spouse of Firefighter)
Matthew Marolla – Rosamond, CA
Learning Partner Scholarship
Robert Godinho – Temecula, CA (Murrieta Fire Department) “I am going to lead by example and mentor upcoming generations of firefighters by helping them with their education and obtaining their goals in the fire service. To be able to finish the next 40 units that I need to complete my Bachelor of Science in Fire Science is a dream that only a scholarship could make come true!”
Brandon Johannsen – Northfield, MN (City of Burnsville, Burnsville Fire Department) “This degree will prepare me to succeed in my new leadership position. This degree will not only help prepare me to lead my crew on a daily basis, but open up many doors for my future.”
International Association of Black Professional Firefighters
Monique Robinson-Parker (IABPFF)
Baltimore City Fire
Melvin Wehrmen (Baltimore City Fire)
Iowa Association of Professional Fire Chiefs Scholarship
Paul Koenig (Iowa Association of Professional Fire Chiefs Scholarship)