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Recipients – 2013

2013 Recipients

Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship


Rachel Johnson – Staples, MN (Spouse of U.S. Army National Guard Service Member) “This scholarship would help open doors that otherwise would be closed for me. There was a reason I could not finish my BA degree earlier in life, it was because I was meant to go to school at Waldorf College.”

Ticha Weeks – Juliette, GA (Spouse of Firefighter) “This opportunity would not only allow me to continue my education and further my position at Ricoh, but would also set the example I want to set for our sixteen year old high school junior who we very much want to encourage to pursue her own educational goals.”

CJ Blickenstaff – Richlands, NC (Spouse of U.S. Coast Guard Service Member) “The Hero Behind the Hero program would grant me the opportunity to enter the job market with the education that I not only need but desire.”

Cristy Moody – King George, VA (Spouse of Firefighter) “If awarded this scholarship from Waldorf College, it would allow me a life changing opportunity that could open many career doors in the near future.”

Miranda Musich – Nome, AK (Spouse of Law Enforcement Officer/Alaska Air National Guard Service Member) “If I were awarded this scholarship, I could finish my planned education and we would have the peace of mind that I would be able to sufficiently take care of myself and my daughter.”

Karen Lara – Port St. Lucie, FL (Spouse of Firefighter/Paramedic) “I would give 100% to excel and be financially independent so my husband can enjoy his job. This scholarship would mean the world to me and would be a big step towards my future and education.”

Emily DeVoe – Hubert, NC (Spouse of U.S. Marine Service Member) “I am interested in crisis intervention, counseling, and public service, and I believe that pursuing a degree in Psychology would open doors to a career in social work or victim advocacy. I know I can have both a fulfilling personal life and successful professional career. I just have to be given the opportunity to explore what is waiting.”

Wendi Hayman – Smyrna, DE (Spouse of Firefighter) “The opportunity to continue my education would change my life because returning to college would give me the accomplishment of a post-secondary education degree that I longed to have as a life achievement. I believe that by obtaining a Bachelor’s degree from Waldorf College through the Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship program, I will have the leverage needed to apply for employment opportunities that I would not have otherwise qualified for, have a better advantage to obtain permanent employment with work stability, career growth and opportunities which would propel me toward my desire to have a successful entrepreneurial business.”

Leslie Hancock – Senoia, GA (Spouse of Law Enforcement Officer) “Our dedication to the community is part of who we are. I have made the decision to follow in my husband’s footsteps, and I need my education in order to make that change in our lives.”

Victoria McQuillen – Wolfeboro, NH (Dependent of U.S. Marine Service Member) “After I graduate, I plan on devoting my life to helping other military dependents and wounded warriors. My dreams are to become a teacher and to help the children of military members, because we all need a little help in our lives.”


Kayla Cory – Windsor Heights, IA (Dependent of Firefighter) “Winning this scholarship would allow me to be the first person in my family to go to college. I have taken it upon myself to get a job and save up money to make MY dream MY own reality.”

Joshua Ramaker – Breese, IL (Dependent of U.S. Air Force Service Member) “The Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship Program would change my life by simply allowing me to obtain a secondary education without putting my parents or myself into the immense financial burden that comes with paying for a decent college education in today’s world.”

Learning Partner Scholarship


Online Ryan Cervenka – Seven Hills, OH (Seven Hills Fire Department) “If given the opportunity to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Administration from Waldorf College, it would help me be the best firefighter I can possibly be, help me lead my department in the future, and enable me to be ready when the public needs me the most.”

Joshua Wall – Columbia, TN (City of Columbia, Tennessee/Columbia Fire Department) “I am a good candidate for this scholarship because I am passionate about my job and would use this degree to my best potential. I think that it is important for me to be well educated and to be able to help stress the importance of my children obtaining and furthering their education and obtaining degrees.”

Richard Balmer – Pauline, SC (Spartenburg Public Safety Fire Division) “The Learning Partner Scholarship offered by Waldorf College will pave the way for me to reach my personal and professional goals. This scholarship will open many doors for growth and afford me many opportunities to help me advance in the fire service.”

Justin Krause – Greenville, GA (International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association) “I am a good candidate for this award because I know exactly what my goals are, and I recognize this awards’ value in assisting me to achieve these goals. Any opportunity given to me under this scholarship program will not be wasted and will go a long way in furthering my long term goals. ”

National Sheriff’s Association Scholarship


Terry Wilshire – Knoxville, TN 

Iowa Association of Professional Fire Chiefs Scholarship


Matt Powers – Hiawatha, IA

Industry Scholarship


Michael Rudasill – Fallston, MD (Baltimore City Fire) “This amazing opportunity to receive an education from Waldorf College would increase my overall value to the Baltimore City Fire Department and the citizens of Baltimore. Armed with the education and experience I could receive from Waldorf College, I could make an impact on the future of the Baltimore Fire Department and equally as important to the careers of future employees.”