As a Waldorf University Learning Partner, employees/members of companies, associations and organizations can receive a 10% tuition discount to participate in online courses, waived application fees, and textbooks at no cost. In addition, Waldorf University awards six scholarships yearly that provide 60 credit hours towards any online degree available only to our learning partners.

For those who wish to participate in residential courses, each learning partner employee/member, spouse, or dependent child will receive an annual $15,000 scholarship towards tuition.  


      • Applicants must provide documentation that they are: an employee/member, spouse or dependent child of a Waldorf Learning Partner
      • Applicants must meet the Residential Admissions Requirements posted in the university catalog

Acceptable Verification Documentation Includes:

  • A Statement of Employment on Letterhead from a Superior
  • Copy of an Employment or Membership ID Card
  • Copy of a Membership Verification Letter with Expiration Date