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Meal Plans

Commuter Meal Plans (Timberland only)
Meals/Semester Cost
30 meals + $100 flex $300
50 meals + $75 flex $395
80 meals + $75 flex $585
Resident Meal Plans
Plans Meals/Week Declining Balance
Purple 19/week $125
Gold 12/week $225
Silver 125 block meals $300

All residential students are required to be on one of two meal plans offered by the university. All first-year students are automatically placed on the purple plan for their first semester. (This includes 19 meals per week with $125 in flex money).

After the first semester, first-year students may choose to stay on this plan or switch to the gold plan (12 meals per week with $225 in flex money) or the silver plan (125 meal block with $300 in flex money.)

All other students may choose either option that best serves their needs. Meals and flex dollars may be used at the Dining Hall and Warrior Crossing. If a student has special dietary concerns that cannot be met by the options offered across campus, an appeal must be made to the dean for permission to have their meal plan waived. The student will need to complete the special needs accommodation form as a part of this process. Meal plan exemption request forms are available in The Office of Student Life.

For more information on meal plans, contact Nat Hansen, director of dining services at 641.585.8168 or