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Housing Rates & Comparison

Deciding where to live can be a difficult decision, but know that wherever you chose, it will quickly become your home away from home!

Housing options for first year students
  Occupancy/room options Room Layout WiFi Laundry A/C Capacity
Johnson-London beds Traditional 154
South Tanner bed Traditional   144
Housing options for transfer and returning students
  Occupancy/room options Room Layout WiFi Laundry A/C Capacity
Ormseth Hall beds Traditional 91
Breen Hall bed Double w/ bathroom 94
Timberland* bed Apartment Free 32
Theme House** bed House Free 4-7
North Tanner bed Traditional   144

*Timberland provides students with an on-campus option for apartment-style living. Groups of four students share an apartment; co-ed arrangements are available. Students apply as a group in the spring semester.

**Theme houses provide students with a choice to live in a house with friends and complete monthly programs based on a chosen theme. Houses may be co-ed by house, but not by room and must be applied for in the spring semester.

Room Layouts Explained

Traditional halls are defined as a residential community primarily comprised of single or double occupancy rooms where the residents share large community bathroom facilities. It gives many opportunities for students to meet people while brushing your teeth! Bathrooms are serviced and cleaned by our housekeeping staff. The buildings are co-ed, but single-sex by floor.

Double with bathroom
This is a double occupancy room with a private bathroom. Residents are responsible for cleaning their own bathroom and living spaces.

Our apartments include shared spaces of a living room, kitchen, and two bathrooms along with four single occupancy bedrooms. Residents are responsible for all cleaning supplies and regular cleaning of all apartment spaces throughout their housing contract. Each apartment has a four person capacity.

Theme House
Our theme houses include shared kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and basements. Rooms in the houses are singles or doubles. Residents are responsible for providing all cleaning supplies and regular cleaning of all house spaces throughout the year. The six houses differ in size, but will hold between 4-7 residents that share interest in a common house theme.

Room & Board Costs 2021-202

Residence Halls (meal plans included)

Rates given are per semester

Room & Board Information
Residence Halls with Meal Plan Cost/Year Cost/Semester
Double Breen Room $8,754 $4,377
Single Breen Room $10,026 $5,013
Double Johnson & London Room $8,062 $4,031
Single Johnson & London Room $9,442 $4,721
Double Ormseth Room $8,062 $4,031
Single Ormseth Room $9,442 $4,721
Double North Tanner Room $8,062 $4,031
Single North Tanner Room $9,442 $4,721
Double South Tanner Room $8,062 $4,031
Single South Tanner Room $9,442 $4,721
Theme Houses (Meal plan required) $8,754 $4,377
Residence Halls with No Meal Plan Required Cost/Semester Cost/Year
Timberland Apartments (August 1, 2020-May 31, 2021) $6,036 $3,018

Summer Housing

Summer Housing is available for current students from May 11, 2021 through July 17, 2021. Students will be assigned to a double room in Breen. Single rooms are not available. Current Timberland residents (for spring 2021 semester) may reside in Timberland until May 31, 2021. Timberland and Theme Houses are closed for summer. Students in summer housing who are planning on residing on campus for the fall 2021 semester, will transfer to their fall housing assignment in late July. Students in summer housing who reside off campus for the fall 2021 semester must check out of their summer housing room by Friday, July 17, 2021. Students will be notified of their housing assignment and roommate by May 4, 2020.

Summer Room Information
Residence Hall with No Meal Plan  Cost/Week Cost/Month
Double Breen Room (Single Rooms Unavailable) $51.25 $205
Note:There is no meal plan available for summer residents. Meals can be purchased in the Warrior Crossing with Warrior Bucks or cash from 10 a.m.-1 p.m., Monday through Friday.