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Digital Media

The digital media co-curriculum organization invites students interested in graphic design, film production, journalism, and radio or television broadcast to go beyond the classroom and get involved in campus communications. This organization fosters and champions the use of digital media in artistic, technical and educational expression. Students will be able to participate in the development of life-long networks that will provide continuing support as they continue their careers in digital media. As an extension of the Digital Media curriculum, this group offers opportunities for leadership and involvement in:

  • Digital Cinema – NIFF
  • Contributing to the North Iowa Film Festival as producer, director, production staff, or event organization staff
  • Designing and developing the Torch, the student magazine on campus
  • Editing and reporting for the Lobbyist, the student online newspaper
  • Contributing to KZOW, the college radio, as manager, director, production staff, sports play by play or DJ
  • Contributing to WALTV, the college public access cable channel, as manager, director, production staff, live stream coordinator, or correspondent/host for programs

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