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Students interested in the study of Biology, and other sciences, are invited to join Waldorf University’s STEM-Biology co-curricular organization. This organization is dedicated to supporting projects that demonstrate an understanding and care for the world and its many forms of life. For some, biology is a fascination, but for many Waldorf students, it has become their career. Members of this group go beyond the classroom to develop research methods and projects that will make a difference in the world we live. Led by Dr. Paul Bartelt, member of the Governor’s STEM Advisory Board for North-central Iowa, among other titles, the Waldorf University STEM-Biology co-curricular organization is sure to keep even the most intelligent and motivated students challenged and curious. As an extension of the Biology, Math and sciences curriculum, this group offers opportunities for leadership and involvement in:

  • Actively participating in the Waldorf Biology Club, organizing trips, fundraising and collaborating projects with student government and college administration
  • Communicating findings and perspectives of the natural sciences to the scientific community (some have been published in national journals)
  • Assisting biologists and land managers with government agencies (e.g. Iowa DNR, Winnebago County Conservation Board) with land and resource stewardship
  • Assisting local county naturalists present environmental/conservation education programs to school groups, campers, and other groups of local citizens
  • Conducting research (independently or as assistant to faculty from Waldorf Biology, Iowa State University, etc.) on ecology and/or conservation of wildlife and other local resources

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